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Why use an all-in-one event team

Planning an event requires a lot of time, resources, efforts and close attention to every single detail.

According to Marriott’s step-by-step event planning guide, the event planning process consists of the following parts:

1. Getting started
Pre planning

2. Planning the Event
Food & Beverage

3. Event details
Preparing for the unexpected
Following up

These are the most important aspects of event planning that need to be considered in order to have a successful and professional event. For organising all of these, you should find and contact different vendors, which takes a lot of time, efforts and money.
However, hiring a professional, all-in-one event services team instead of many different ones, can ensure that the event is organized in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Here are a few reasons to consider:
1. Save time
Planning a professional event can take anything up to 6-12 months. However, this period can be much shorter if there is an all-in-one event services team. The reason is that they already have performers who are going to entertain, the staff to welcome your guests, prepare food and cocktails, decorate the venue and take care of other various aspects. As a result, there will be no need to spend time searching for different event vendors, because everyone needed is already on the team.
2. Save money
Hiring an event planner costs about 15%-20% of the entire event budget. In typical event planner’s responsibilities are included planning/designing/producing the event, contracting with vendors, conducting market research, organising event details, providing feedback, evaluating the event and so on. This technically means that every other person you hire for your event, will directly translate into additional costs.
Though hiring an all-in-one event services team will definitely cost more than 15-20% of the event budget, still you can be sure that aspects like performers, decorations, food & cocktails, photography and other aspects will be covered. As a result, you will end up spending less than you would with the traditional hiring process (hire every vendor individually).
3. Compatibility among various parts of the event
During the planning process, it’s important to make sure that everything, including food, beverages, entertainment, cocktails, music, theme and venue are compatible with each other. When there are various vendors organising the event, this can be really problematic because the theme, the setting and the overall purpose of the event should be communicated to all of them.
On the contrary, when there is an all in one event services team that takes care of the planning process, this becomes much easier, as the team surely all the ins and outs, which eliminates the compatibility issues.
4. Superior organisation
Effective organisation and timing are the most important elements in planning a successful event. One of the biggest advantages of hiring an all inclusive event management company is knowing that they have great organisation skills.
With the help of all-in-one event management platforms, event managers make sure that everything is under control, whether it’s selling tickets, creating the agenda, networking with sponsors, creating polls or preparing reports.
5. Flexibility
Flexibility is crucial for event success. Whether it’s necessary to postpone the event, change the venue or the theme of the event, event planners need to be ready for this. When something needs to be changed, and there are different independent vendors working on the same event, it can lead to chaos, because the new change should be communicated and arranged with all of them. If there is just one event services team involved though, the flexibility is higher and the communication is easier, since everyone works on the same project.
6. Event promotion/marketing
Every event needs special promotion and marketing. For events like product launches, opening ceremonies or non-profit galas, where the main purpose is to raise awareness, it’s more important to ensure that the event is marketed effectively and the message is delivered to the desired audience.
This issue can also be solved by hiring an all inclusive event services team as well. It’s a part of the event marketing service, and thus, its included in the package.
7. Stress reduction
Finally, an all-in-one event services team will take care of all details, large and small, put everything together and monitor the whole thing, which will result in less stress for you. These teams are there to help troubleshoot difficulties and make sure that the whole event runs smoothly, without a hitch.
Source : blog.26stars.com

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