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What Does Live Entertainment Change in Your Event? Everything!

Event organisers know that holding an event, whether it is a corporate party, a concert or an opening ceremony, can be a very daunting and demanding task.

Successful events are created from many components including the right venue, exceptional cocktails and food, warm atmosphere and live entertainment.

Live entertainment can make or break an event.

Poor live entertainment, such as the bad performance dancers/singers or the inappropriate usage of lighting/sounds, will result in negative experiences for attendees in the best case scenario, or them discouraging other people to attend similar events at worst.

On the contrary, good entertainment will reinforce the client’s image, brand reputation and result in positive word of mouth marketing.

Reasons to have live entertainment at an event

Attendees will remember it forever: Not everyone will remember the food served at the event, but almost everyone is going to remember the band, DJ or other performers that made the event unique, creative and energising.

It breaks the ice: During events, especially during corporate evenings, product launches or opening ceremonies, there should be something that will lighten the formal mood and make people feel relieved.

It is appropriate for all ages: When there is an audience of different ages, both old and young, live entertainment is the only way to keep all of them connected and engaged.

It complements the event theme: An event theme without live entertainment is budget wasted for no reason.

If it is a vintage-themed event, there should be a jazz/swing band present.

If it’s an outdoor event, there should be light acoustic music.

If it’s Brazilian-themed party, there should be samba/salsa dance performances.

Whatever theme you have, there is an entertaining way to complement it.

Sales increase: According to general ticket sales, whether free or paid, sales increase when people know there is live entertainment at an event.

In order to intrigue guests, it is good not to reveal the entertainment type, but the idea has to be present in all of the promotions.

Choosing the right entertainment

There are many different live entertainment options that can be used during an event.

In order to make sure that the entertainment ‘matches’ the event, here are some important things to take into account:

Demographics of the audience: Age, gender, profession, social status and preferences of the attendees are the most important thing to take into account when choosing among the entertainment options.

Venue size/location: This is another important thing that’s vital in the entertainment selection process.

The venue has to be able to support your entertainment of choice in terms of space, time and performer count.

Budget: Choosing a grand entertainment idea that you don’t have the budget to organise, is time wasted.

The size of your budget plays a key role when considering different options.

Live entertainment ideas

There are many entertainment options to make use of during an event, such as singers, dancers, different art performers, comedians, magicians, photo booths, urban street performers, beatboxers and so on.

However, nowadays, as businesses/companies strive to stand out from the competition, the demand for entertainment options that use innovative technologies and methods for impressing guests are increasing.

LED/Laser Shows: LED/laser shows have been in the entertainment industry for the past few years and are here to stay for long.

These are impressing and attractive shows that can both entertain guests and showcase logos and other visuals of the company.

iPad magicians: iPad magicians provide an innovative way of entertaining any kind of audience.

These entertainers offer cutting edge magic shows that use the latest iPad technologies and humour, in order to impress guests.

Throughout these shows, products, messages or logos of the company can be used.

High tech robots: Though these robots can be used in all kind of events, they are especially good for corporate events, such as product launches, company opening, trade shows, exhibitions or conventions.

These robots can, for example, be used to meet and greet guests outside.

Live entertainment should be targeted specifically towards the key target audience, making sure that it is suitable and interesting for all attendees.

The acts, shows and performances must be trendy, interesting, and most importantly, unique.

Event organisers should continuously strive to seek out the best entertainment methods available in order to create positive emotions and leave a forever lasting impression on guests.

Source : http://blog.26stars.com

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