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Virgin Atlantic tries new Wearable Technology

VIRGIN Atlantic is weaving in the use of wearable technology such as the Google Glass and Sony Smartwatch technology to its concierge service at London Heathrow airport in a six-week test.

The airline has equipped each concierge staff member in its Upper Class Wing with either a Google Glass or Sony Smartwatch 2 that will display the individual passenger’s information via an integrated, purpose-built dispatch app developed by SITA and Virgin Atlantic.

The app manages all task allocation and concierge availability.

This allows concierge staff to greet passengers by name and begin the check-in process once they arrive at the airport, as well as provide them with their latest flight information, weather and local events at their destination.

In future, the service could extend to displaying information about a passenger’s dietary and refreshment preferences.

Dave Bulman, director of IT, Virgin Atlantic, said in a media release: “While it’s fantastic that more people can now fly than ever before, the fact that air travel has become so accessible has led to some of the sheen being lost for many passengers.

Our wearable technology pilot with SITA makes us the first in the industry to test how Google Glass and other wearable technology can improve the customer experience.”

Results of the six-week pilot test will be evaluated before the service is rolled out elsewhere in future.

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic is also partnering with SITA to test iBeacon, a low-powered Bluetooth transmitter than can notify nearby Apple devices of services, discounts and updates on their flight boarding schedules, also for Upper Class passengers at Heathrow.

Source : http://www.ttgasia.com

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