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3D Printing

Touching Tomorrow through Technology

3D printing and interactive graphics are the future, and the future is now – whether it is models, prototypes, shoes, jewellery or spare parts for the Space Station.

3D printing is currently restrained only by what we can imagine.

Commented Nigel Walker, Director, Compex, following this year’s Markex exhibition : “We showcased two technologies from the future, which will dramatically change and shape our marketing, not now but over the next 12 to 24 months.

These are 3D printing, and the ability to allow the displayed graphics to change based upon a wide set of parameters based upon the viewer.

I would comfortably predict that at Markex in two year’s time 10% or more of the exhibitors will have 3D printers on their stand, in three years it will be 25% or more.

In five years, many of ‘us’ will have 3D printers in the office, and possibly even at home!

In addition, we demonstrated changing graphics based upon the gender of the viewer – we could equally have selected to change based upon a perception of happy or sad, tall or short, family or single, children or adult.

These technologies are game-changers, and will very rapidly become the norm throughout the sphere of marketing.

Integrating technology into the value proposition being presented to a client is now essential.

Exhibitions stands have, or should be, so much more than walls, floor, lights, graphics and furniture.

It is the investment in technology that is driving inspiration and fuelling the ‘can-do’ drive to deliver solutions on a sustainable basis that are rooted in meaningful and measurable benefits for the client.

Dean Gunningham, Director of Compex says “Technology is all about engagement, immersing the individual into an experience that is memorable and lasting.

An Exhibition stand or the design of an event must be rooted in functionality, with the objective of meeting the goals and aim of the exhibitor and or event organiser at its core.”

This is what’s makes our industry unique, every stand, every show, every event should be different because, for example, all exhibitors have different products and services that need to be showcased.

Source : www.compex.co.za

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