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The Ultimate Event Planner’s Checklist

Sticky notes. Reminders on the refrigerator. Alerts on a cell phone.

Whatever the chosen method, the goal is the same: to try and remember to do something.

In event planning, there are numerous items to remember but unfortunately the human brain can only keep track of a few things at a time.

Why leave the rest to chance? Create the ultimate event planner’s checklist to keep you organised and on schedule – from the early planning stages right through writing the post-event reports.

Pre-Event Checklist

The first thing to do before actually getting started in planning your event is to develope an event planner’s checklist.

Taking the time now to think through each task and every last detail will assist you in planning a successful event and minimise the stress of having forgotten something.

Grab a pen and pad or sit at the computer and write down all the different things you have to do from this day until two weeks after the event.

Here are a few key items that should be on your checklist:
1. Determine the purpose of the event
2. Set budget guidelines
3. Choose target date and backup dates
4. Verify there are no conflicts with the date
5. Research venues
6. Select the venue and sign contracts
7. Book a block of rooms if appropriate
8. Notify attendees of event date
9. Determine food and beverage needs
10. Select suppliers for food/beverage, table rentals and linens
11. Invite guest speakers
12. Hire entertainment
13. Determine audio visual needs and outsource if necessary
14. Secure support staff (parking, staff office) if not provided by the venue

For all event and furniture hire (Vintage, Retro, Modern everything)
1. Make travel arrangements
2. Send out invitations
3. Plan room set up and decor
4. Confirm number of guests
5. Confirm menus based on attendee count

One method that can be quite helpful in creating an event checklist is to mentally walk through the process of planning an event.

Start with the basics of securing a date and venue and then visualise the event itself, making note of room set-up, decorations, parking needs and staffing.

Include all of these items on your checklist.

Event Day Checklist
The checklist for event day may be the shortest on your list but is nonetheless important in ensuring your event goes smoothly and successfully.

By this point, you have already planned your event down to the very last detail using your ultimate event planner’s checklist; now confirm everything is ready:
1. Walk through site
2. Check room set ups
3. Confirm meeting supplies are in place
4. Check in with audio visual supplier
5. Confirm food and beverage
6. Meet with onsite staff to go over any last minute details
7. Greet guest speaker/entertainment

Post-Event Checklist

Possibly the least thought about checklist, the post-event checklist should not be overlooked.

Include all the tasks associated with wrapping up the loose ends from your event.

Some items that should be on your list:
1. Publicise any event facts (i.e. met a fundraising goal, record number of attendees)
2. Follow up with guests
3. Engage guests via social media
4. Administer attendee survey for feedback on your event
5. Close out the budget
6. Send thank you notes to staff, venue
7. Call guest speaker to express appreciation and obtain feedback
8. Write complete wrap up report

Developing the ultimate event planner’s checklist that is customised to your event will assist you with every stage of event planning.

It ensures that details are not lost and tasks forgotten, keeping you calm and in charge as you accomplish each task one by one.

Source : http://eventplanning.about.com


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