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The top 3 Cities for holding Business Events Worldwide

If money wasn’t an object, where in the world would you choose to hold your business event?

Whether it’s planning a conference for your whole team or a meeting between international offices, it can sometimes be hard to find a worldwide business venue which suits all of your staff and keeps attendees engaged and interested.

As well as serving a basic purpose (e.g. having the capacity to house all of your delegates), your venue should also inspire and excite attendees.

Similarly, any out-of-work activities you organise should be relevant to your workplace and industry.

Ensuring you choose the right location is often a crucial part of this.

Here are 3 awe-inspiring cities worldwide that would be amazing destinations for business events.

No matter your sector, within this list you’re guaranteed to find a city that will provide a truly productive, innovative getaway for your team.

Austin, TX

Known to most as the music capital of the world, Austin Texas is one of the USA’s most unique cities.

With a rich history, vibrant music scene and diverse array of food and drink choices, there’s something for all tastes in the capital city of Texas.

Emerging as a burgeoning centre for technology and business in the 1980’s, Austin is the perfect mix of business and pleasure.

Congregate at one of Austin’s many downtown conference centres during the day, then take your team to socialise and enjoy the local nightlife in the evening.

Take in the legendary music scene at one of the nightly rock, jazz or country shows then enjoy a taste of the famous local Tex-Mex cuisine.

Or, if that’s not your scene, there are a wealth of museums, art galleries and heritage sites for you to visit too.

Great If: You’re a business in the creative sector. The vibrant arts and music on display will inspire and engage your imaginative colleagues.

London, UK

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy a vibrant city location.

Hosting business events in London makes organising travel for all attendees a whole lot easier, and there’s plenty for your staff to do right in the heart of the city.

London’s Canary-Wharf based financial district is a short tube ride away from many of the city’s main attractions. Why not arrange a bus-top sightseeing tour for attendees when your meeting is over?

With interesting surroundings to stimulate conversation and a range of eateries and bars, London is a great city for your staff to network and socialise outside of an office environment.

Great If: You have offices located countrywide. London is easy to reach directly and quickly from most UK cities- a good central meeting point for all your staff.

Tokyo, Japan

A perfect fusion of old culture and new technologies, Tokyo is a futuristic, exciting city.

With a skyline reminiscent of a scene from a sci-fi movie and plenty to do and see, business delegates cant fail to be engaged and inspired by these surroundings.

Tokyo caters well for visitors on business – with a number of hotels offering private conference rooms and pre-planned itineraries for these parties.

Enjoy a guided tour of the vibrant city – including heritage sites and modern innovations – or spend the evening with your team at cooking classes enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine.

For a really thrilling experience, the Tokyo Sky Tree is well worth a visit.

Standing 634m from the ground, whether you stand on the lower observatory (350m) or the upper (450m), the views across the sprawling city are truly stunning.

As you rise up in the glass-fronted elevator, the city vanishes away below you, revealing views that during the day extend all the way to Mount Fuji, and by night show the city lit-up in all its splendour.

Great If: You need an impressive venue in awe-inspiring surroundings. Delegates will be entertained by the multitude of things to do and the senior members of your company will no doubt be impressed by your choice of location.

Only when you know the objectives of your meeting, the team members who’ll be attending, and what you hope to achieve can you decide on the perfect location.
You need to ensure your staff are engaged in their surroundings to ensure maximum productivity and the best possible return for your efforts.

Choosing the right venue goes a long way to ensuring your event is successful.

Source: Absolute Venues Worldwide : http://www.eventindustrynews.co.uk

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