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The Importance Of Hiring A Great Keynote Speaker

A keynote speaker may not be the first person that comes to mind when planning a meeting …

… but once you get an idea of the various benefits you and your organisation stand to benefit from such a personality, you just might think about changing your mind.

Quick question, what’s the difference between a keynote speaker and a motivational speaker?

Before you start to answer or Google let me save you the trouble and give you a clear description of who a keynote speaker really is.

A keynote speaker is a popular personality who is hired to explain or rather to weave in the theme of the meeting in to the audience’s mind in a fun yet effective way.

You could call them the masters of emotional manipulation given that their strategy involves juggling with emotions of sorts.

Keynote Speakers Draw A Crowd

So why would you need to hire a great keynote speaker for a successful meeting?

First thing first, you will also want a big turn out for your product launch, right?

What better way to get people flocking to your conference than to have a popular and successful celebrity grace your launch?

Not only will the keynote speaker fetch you a great audience but he/she will also boost the credibility of the product in question as majority of the people will associate it with the popular personality.

So even before the whole event starts rolling, your convention will be packed full with an audience that is ready to listen.

Plus, if you get to research a number of keynote speeches delivered by different celebrities, you get to realise that much attention is not focused on the content but rather on emotions, clear indication that the audience focuses more on who is speaking rather than what is being said.

Keynote speakers will joke around, sing and even get really sentimental just to get the audience on their toes, ready to take in whatever the meeting has to offer.

In addition, it is important to note the audience at any meeting has a number of things running through their mind; bills to pay, pending work at the office, family issues.

So when they all come together there is a great need to get their total focus, an art that can only be accomplished by a great keynote speaker.

Drive Home A Point And Create Awareness

A keynote speaker will deliver a heart wrenching speech if need be just to drive the point home and enable the audience to get the theme of the meeting from a whole new perspective, the theme won’t be just a group of words that don’t make sense anymore but more like an experience that audience has gone through at one point in their lives.

What’s even better is the variety of ways in which the keynote speaker can use to connect with the audience and bring about an air of inspiration, and you know what happens when a group of people get inspired, they open up and listen more.

Other than inspiring and connecting with the audience, hiring a keynote speaker gives you the chance to create awareness of whatever matter you have on the menu.

The keynote speaker that you hire should be from a specific field of interest.

For instance, if you are having a meeting for the sole purpose of boosting sales then the keynote speaker should be a highly recognized and popular sales person.

In this case, you want an authority figure that can share new techniques or reveal marketing secrets, sure, what your keynote speaker offers my not be detailed but just the fact that a highly successful personality is giving away secrets is enough to have the audience jotting notes down as first as they can.

This also applies in the case of introducing new products, if you get a well known celebrity who also has the gift of speech you will definitely be surprised by the positive feedback from the audience.

The Difference Between Success And A Flop

Still, even though a keynote speaker can be anyone in your organisation, from the executives to the sales and marketing department manager, always keep in mind that hiring a great keynote speaker could as well be the difference between having a successful meeting and having a not-so-good meeting.

A keynote speaker, just like you, wants the best for your cause, reason why you should always focus on packing the best keynote speaker whenever you are planning for a meeting.

Source : www.ecoinspirational.com

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