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The First Online MICE CPD Demo at Markex – Don’t Miss This One !

CPD are the initials for Continuing Professional Development.


Tuesday the 10th June marks your opportunity to witness a complete demo of the first online MICE CPD programme at this year’s Markex.

The online programme is unique, simple and a world-first in concept and design.

Aligned not only to international standards but also to the NQF (National Qualification Framework), the event practitioners who have accessed the programme on a regular basis are thrilled at the opportunity to be confidentially tested as to their knowledge and experience.

In a range of subject matter from an event operation, design, promotion, marketing including risk management – this outstanding programme provides the methods that all experienced event practitioners require in keeping with their erratic and busy work schedules.

Commented an Academy spokesperson: ‘The feed-back has been outstanding and we are delighted with the ongoing positive response to this innovative online MICE CPD programme’.

In-depth information on Tuesday 10th June at the Sandton Convention Centre affords those who attend with valuable benefits on which informed decisions can be made.

Joining us means simply emailing info@miceacademy.co.za with your name and contact details for confirmation to be forthcoming together with entrance to Markex or phone 011 326 4000. 

The Academy’s website www.miceacademy.co.za  highlights the programme’s content by linking on the smiling face. 

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