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The Ethos of True Incentive Travel

What makes travel an incentive ? The simple answer is … motivation.   For many, the reward of an all-expenses paid holiday to an exotic destination is so powerful that they will do all in their power to achieve the goals set to experience the wonders and delight of being whisked away to be spoilt and pampered in a far flung destination.


So, how does incentive travel differ from a holiday ? What makes incentive travel effective ? How do you ensure that an incentive travel trip will create a wave of motivation big enough to inspire and engage employees or partners ?

The ethos of true incentive travel is based on the following :

The destination should be one where individuals would normally not go on their own. This could be due to a number of reasons such as cost, fear of the unknown, perception, distance, difficulty to enter etc.

Why choose these destinations ?  Impact and excitement.   The prospect of visiting a destination for the first time creates excitement, hype and anticipation. Participants will want to know where they are going, will have pre-conceived ideas of the destination and will boast about it to their friends and colleagues based on the Internet research they have done prior to departure.

It should be worth it !   Accommodation, meals and experiences should be of a very high standard.   In the age of austerity, realistic budgets have to be respected. However, care must be taken not to compromise the integrity and objectives of the trip. Why ?   Perceived value.   Invariably the targets that must be achieved to qualify for an incentive trip are often tough and take a great deal to achieve.   Those that have achieved should be spoilt, thanked and recognised for their achievements.   Should a participant feel that they have been “short-changed” due to quality of the trip, the incentive will lose its momentum and employees will be inclined not to work as hard the following year towards the trophy prize.   The perceived value of the incentive trip has to justify the effort. At times it will be to the company’s benefit to rather not plan a trip, instead of proceeding to offer a mediocre experience.

It should be personalised. Why ?   Recognition is often more important than reward.   Personalised travel items such as a favourite magazine placed in a room prior to arrival or a personalised welcome letter is sufficient.   The opportunity to stand out and be recognised among peers and seniors are hugely important factors and often overlooked.   Ensure that the emphasis is on recognition as much as reward.

It should be unforgettable.   Why ? Remarkable people require remarkable recognition.   Remarkable recognition results in experiences spoken about for years to come.

It should pay for itself.   Why ? Let’s not forget the starting point for incentive travel is business.   Goals and objectives need to be met.   A properly planned and executed incentive travel trip can create incredible ROI and Return on Objective.   The converse also applies. It is important to consult with expert incentive travel; organisers who specialise in this form of travel to ensure your receive the best results.

Source :

Huw Tuckett

Managing Director

Uwin Iwin


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