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The busy fool

We all get excited when a new enquiry pops through. Its a great feeling and Event Managers work hard to deliver an exciting proposal that will hopefully shine above the rest. However, when you’re competing against multiple agencies (I have seen pitches with up to 10 agencies involved), you have to question the costs and time involved.

We all understand, embrace and welcome the need to present ideas and pitch proposals. Yet, the cost of this work can be considerable. When you consider the resources needed, costs can quickly become high.

I accept the need to speculate to accumulate and embrace costs associated with showcasing my ideas. But, it does hurt a little when you know you’re against many agencies. Do you plough more effort which results in further costs?

There are times when a proposal isn’t acknowledged and there are times you actually never hear back. It doesn’t happen often but I end up so puzzled when it does. OK, you might not like what I have submitted but please at least provide me with a thank you or an acknowledgment. You have contacted me, I have done what you have asked for yet its OK to simply dismiss?

In such situations, I wonder if its OK to actually charge for my time? I am being asked to do work, I have delivered the work, now I would like the costs covered. Or is it OK being a busy fool?

Source: www.clearwaterevents.co.uk

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