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Ten top tips for Running Events on a Budget

Herewith a number of creative ideas for planning events on a budget.

Build a strong relationship with the sales team

Make sure you build a strong relationship with property Sales Directors.

If you don’t have a relationship with them then you can’t get the best rates.

Also, if the team know you they will go out their way for you, if not then they probably won’t.

Really get to know the venues

Get in there and see everything, possibly include an overnight stay.

Experience the service and see if there’s anything that makes you feel annoyed that you can point out to hotel.

Have an events plan in place beforehand

If you don’t have an event plan in place then you probably can’t even get started to barter with the venue.

Use local companies

Using local companies for activities can save money, as can bringing in “local talent” for entertainment rather than having people travel in from big cities.

Network, face-to-face and online

Bounce your ideas off other people in the industry to make sure that they’re good and get inspiration and advice, use forums on sites such as LinkedIn.

Think about the ‘talkability’ factor

If you have no marketing budget, it’s important to think about what the attendees are going to talk about after.

Focus on the small details and the element of surprise, attendees will talk about that afterwards and post about it on social media.

Make things multifunctional

Perhaps hold an event where the food doubles as entertainment eg interactive catering and buffet stations. Involve the property Chef – they often provide some fabulous and fun ideas.

Think mobile first

Think about ‘mobile ‘ first, i.e what people are going to put out on social media.

People take photos throughout the night, and if you’ve been clever with the details, that’s creates content for you.

Get the staff involved

For internal events, looking for people in the company who can play instruments or have other talents can save money on the entertainment, and people love to see their colleagues on stage.

Do charity activities

For example turn a Christmas event into a “campaign for giving back” when budgets are cut.

Attendees paid to enter a Christmas quiz, and extra cash was given to charity.

Try other teambuilding activities and ideas such as painting a children’s playground, which costs nothing and helps others at the same time.

Source : Lauren Houghton : http://www.citmagazine.com

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