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Target Your Speaker Search

What are your senior leaders thinking?

Finding out will help you refine your search for the right professional speaker.

Clarification is critical before you try to navigate through the millions of speaker options available. Yes, millions! Google “motivational speaker” and you could get 9,960,000 results!

It’s an overwhelming task, even for a seasoned pro and especially when senior managers don’t share underlying objectives and interests.

Assuming you already know your audience size and demographics, you may need to add some deep-dive questions during your next visit to the corner office in order to capture what’s really on the minds of your executives—the ones who are going to approve or reject your speaker choice.

Here are some of the questions to consider –

Understand Senior Leaders’ Perspectives:

What books are your senior executives reading?

What challenges is your industry, organization, or audience currently facing?

What personal interests inspire your executive team? Are they fans of/participants in a particular sport? Are they strictly business, or do they appreciate humour? What about music, creative-thinking, science?

Understand the Meeting:

What is the strategic message or theme you plan to convey at this meeting?

How will an outside speaker enhance this meeting? That is, are you looking for a speaker to drive attendance? To enhance learner outcomes? To motivate attendees? To reinforce the conference messaging? To entertain?

Understand Expectations for the Speaker:

What type of speaker would help you accomplish your objectives? Is it about the person (business leader, celebrity, media personality, sports figure)? Or is it about the presentation style or content (humorous, educational, interactive)?

What ideal “takeaway” would you like the speaker’s presentation to deliver?

Do you have other expectations of the speaker beyond the stage time? (For example, a question-and-answer session, book signing, reception attendance, follow-up webinar?)

How important do you feel the outside speaker is to the overall success of the meeting? 

What is the budget for an outside speaker? Does this align with the value you’ve placed on the speaker’s contribution to the meeting’s success?

Source : By Liz Piacentini, CMP : http://meetingsnet.com

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