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Sun International launches new event facility, SunPark

Sun International’s latest event and conferencing facility, SunPark, which recently opened at Sun City, offers event organisers a space to host industry and lifestyle events of varying sizes.

The new event concept will open at GrandWest in Cape Town in October, followed by two other Sun Internationals – Sibaya in KwaZulu-Natal and Carnival City in Gauteng.
Multi-purpose facility

SunPark provides event organisers with the first ever fully scalable multi-purpose facility with an indoor events venue and outdoor space for hosting lifestyle events, music festivals, conferences, product launches and the like.

The new modular design of the entertainment space allows conference, events, or festival organisers to “plug in” their requirements and change the nature and look of the space depending on their needs – and depending on the size of event they’re holding. The new “plug in” system enables the areas to be transformed into multiple themed-options.

The infrastructure, electricity supply and IT needs are all flexible, which means the space can be transformed quickly into various affordable options.

Michael Farr, Sun International’s group GM brand and communications, says, “Over the past 15 years, there has been a substantial growth in the consumer festival and event industry as well as a growing tendency towards boutique and specialised event concepts and brand activation initiatives. All of these are dependent on suitable and accessible venues.

“Existing exhibition and conference facilities in South Africa are primarily geared towards major event concepts and there are very few venues which cater specifically or can be transformed for small to medium boutique events – and this market currently represents well over 80% of all event activities in South Africa.

“The new SunPark will be geared towards sports events, product and motor industry launches, trade and industry functions, musical festivals and outdoor theatre, government and parastatal functions, corporate celebrations, small to medium boutique exhibitions and festivals, fashion shows, expos and more. There’s even space to create Fanzones for sporting events.
The concept’s background

“Before we decided to go ahead with the SunPark concept, we consulted very broadly with those who are normally tasked with organising both large and medium sized events, including event companies, public relations companies, ad agencies, exhibition organisers, and professional conference organisers. They all spoke to the dire need for sophisticated and cost effective venues that are more flexible to their needs and provide them with the freedom to create the exact kind of space they’re looking for.

“Quite apart from that, there is a shortage of good venues in South Africa, with many booked out months in advance and those remaining presenting challenges to organisers – like inadequate parking, lack of security, lighting inadequacies or lack of service infrastructure. SunParks solve all of these problems.

“Those we consulted said that service infrastructure in particular was often the main problem in that the cost of setting up and running events in suitable venues is very costly. SunPark’s new plug-in event arenas are specifically designed to streamline the organisational and implementation process that event organisers are constantly having to deal with – at a much more affordable cost,” concludes Farr.

The construction of the SunPark at Sun City is part of a R1bn upgrade of the entire complex.

Source: www.bizcommunity.com

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