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Staying Within Your AV Budget?

Staying within budget is always a major concern for meeting and event planners.

Take event technology, for example.

There’s no doubt that having the right technology is critical to any event’s success, and you do not want to cut corners on such an important element.

However, you can easily go over budget on the latest and greatest technology — which may or may not be required.

Here are three tips to help you stay within your AV budget:

1. Find a One Stop Shop Provider.

Many event planners think that hiring different companies to do different aspects of their AV can save money, but that is seldom the case.

When you select a one-stop-shop, you eliminate extra costs involved in using a different vendor for audio, lighting, scenery, etc.

Not only is it usually less expensive, it also gives you one point of contact for planning and dealing with any issues that arise.

2. Share Your Financial Goals.

Once you have selected your AV provider, be transparent about what you the financial parameters you need to work within.

This gives the AV provider a better understanding of what they could or should recommend.

You might think you need a certain type of sound system, but they could recommend switching to something more cost effective that will not noticeably affect your event.

3. Use Creative Lighting.

One way to save through AV design is to switch out a few décor pieces for some cool lighting effects.

Fixed lighting is relatively inexpensive compared to décor.

You can use simple light fixtures to add colour for branding or create a mood by uplighting a wall or drape.

Also, instead of printing your client’s logos on a banner, which can be expensive, you can use a light with a gobo to project their logos.

Staying within your budget is possible—just plan in advance.

Fill your AV company in on your plans and ideas from the very beginning.

They can help you select the most effective equipment for your budget and recommend some “wow factors” that you may not have thought of.

So keep calm and plan on!

Source : http://meetingsnet.com

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