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Speaker gifts: Should you? If so, what?

Your speaker did a wonderful job of tailoring her presentation to your audience and delivered a valuable session full of takeaways and interaction. Is their fee thanks enough, or should you give them a gift as well?

You might be surprised to learn that, according to an informal international survey of successful speakers none of them expect gifts.

They are being paid to serve your audience – that’s all they need. But if you want to acknowledge their work with a little something extra, here are some of the things the speaker survey respondents said that you should know before you invest in something that may end up being regifted to the housekeeping staff.

Think Packable

While your gift might be wonderful and speakers don’t want to appear to be ungrateful, if your gift is big and/or heavy, it likely will be left behind.

I’m 4’ 10”—my luggage is filled with stilettos, and I still refuse to check in a bag (even for a two-week trip). My travel policy is that I have to be able to lift the bag above my head to get it in and out of those pesky overhead bins.

I rarely take home gifts, choosing to donate to hotel staff or concierge. Don’t judge me – many of my fellow speakers do the same. Most speakers spend a lot of time flying, and they like to pack light so they don’t have to check luggage.

If you still want to give a gift, “Think personalised and packable”.

Alternatively, planners who offer to ship the gift also are very much appreciated.

Source: www.meetingsnet.com

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