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Generation X

Six Living Generations

To help programme managers to understand their audiences better consider the six living generations who are each a distinct group of people.  They accumulate collective experiences as they age and as a group have many similarities.    

Many a conference, meeting or function will bring together multiple generations and age groups – understanding your audience will enable you to adapt your programme content and format accordingly.  It is important to know how to communicate and market to these different generations

Born 1901 – 1926      :   GI Generation

Born 1927 – 1945      :   Silents

Born 1946 – 1964      :   Baby Boomers

Born 1965 – 1981      :   Generation X

Born 1982 – 2000      :   Generation Y / Millennials

Born 2001 – present  :   Generation Z / Boomlets

Source : www.marketingteacher.com


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