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Incentives mean business

Site International Foundation – ‘Incentives Move Business’

Although this White Paper focuses on the USA, the Site Foundation’s hope, in keeping with their commitment to maintain a global focus, is that similar analyses can be made in the near future for other countries.   For now, it’s well worth reviewing some US findings – just released ….

The ‘Incentives Move Business’ white paper has been published to raise awareness and educate businesses and the general public to the facts supporting the positive impact incentive travel and motivational events have, not just on companies, but on the U.S. economy.

Travel is the sixth largest U.S. industry in terms of employment and is a top 10 employer in 48 states. In 2010, the incentive travel, meetings and events segment of tourism and travel accounted for $92 billion of all business travel expense and 6.3 million jobs in the United States, or 45 percent of all travel-related employment. 

Travel incentives and motivational events are business tools proven to increase sales and profits, boost productivity, retain customers, hold on to top talent, increase company loyalty, promote teamwork and decrease turnover.

When properly designed, planned and executed, incentive travel programs can be self-liquidating and will produce a measurable and verifiable return on investment. 

Download : Incentives Move Business pdf

Source : http://www.siteglobal.com

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