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Show stopping grand entrance ideas for your next event

It’s important to start your event off on the right foot. You want your attendees to be excited and impressed from the very first moment they arrive. With these grand entrance ideas you will do just that. Your attendees first impression will set the tone for the rest of the event.  Make that impression a great one and start your event off on the right foot!

First things first, these grand entrance ideas are not one size fits all. Always be sure your grand entrance matches the theme and tone of your event. There are so many grand entrance ideas, but it’s key that you match your event style. If you are having a tech conference an all floral entryway may not make as much sense as an LED tunnel. If it’s a smaller intimate event, then a red carpet might not be your best bet. Always think of your overall theming and stay true to that. 

Easy Breezy Colour Wash

If your chosen venue is an architectural gem, then let it speak for itself. All, you have to do, is accentuate its features. Use a simple colour wash to capture guests attention from the distance and draw them in. Well-placed neon lights, floodlights, and uplighting work well to achieve this technique.

Imaginative Projection

Projection mapping technology allows you to give even the most mundane venues a gorgeous makeover. Flat surfaces are ideal for projecting messages, images, and videos. The projections turn the venue into a beautiful billboard promoting your event and exciting guests.

3D projection mapping is another awe-inspiring option for organisers. This does require a solid budget and a knack for experimental events. 3D video mapping can be used to communicate a powerful story and brand experience.

Enchanting Floral Archways

Floral archways have remained the evergreen go-to choice for a grand entrance for event planners for centuries. Not only are they more affordable than several other fancy entrance options, but they are stimulating to more than just one sense. Everyone loves a good whiff of fresh florals!

Leverage Technology

LED tunnels are a perfect example of a grand entrance idea that leverages technology. Setting up a long LED entranceway provides organisers the opportunity to communicate an elaborate brand story and build anticipation to a fever pitch. Tunnels lined with LCD screens and projectors synced to display brand messages along with an array of cool effects can capture the imagination of all who walk through it. They help give the guests a bigger perspective on the nature of the event.

Engaging Interactive Games

A grand entrance can also be turned into an interactive experience that entertains the audience and makes them feel like a part of something bigger. Interactive games are great for building up excitement and camaraderie between you and your guests. You can implement technology to create an engaging entrance game for your event. 

Not wanting to go the tech route? A great example of a fun interactive entrance that is not high tech was the launch of the Kate Spade/Crane & Co. wedding stationery line. The entryway wall read “Take A Chance, Pick a Card, Any Card” the wall was lined with envelopes that had opportunities to win prizes.

Gift Bags

You don’t have to wait until the end of the night to give out any gifts. In fact, why not give them out at the beginning and leverage the bags to engage your attendees? Add in drink vouchers, tickets for prizes that will be given away later in the night. Use these bags to excite your guests, give them something to look forward to and make them want to stay through the entire night!

A Human Touch

As fabulous as your event entrance may be, a lack of human presence can leave something to be desired in the minds of your guests. By deploying a few staff members to warmly greet your guests at the entrance, you can put your guests in their comfort zone, so that you can effectively capitalise on their fascination with your event entrance and make a long-lasting impression. Remember anyone greeting your attendees needs to be personable and helpful. Your greeting staff can guide attendees where to go, and answer questions from the very first contact allowing you more control over their event experience. You can take this idea one step further by dressing your staff to match the theme of the event. This will really elevate your guests first impression.  

Make it Part of the Show

Why not take your event to the next level by turning the entrance into a show? Consider adding dancers, circus acts, and musicians to your entry to add an element of excitement upon arrival.


Tunnels are a great way to immerse your guests in your event and transition them from the outside world. You can use tunnels in many ways such as an LED tunnel where you could play video footage that matches your theme, display sponsorship branding, and so much more. We have seen floral tunnels that are jaw-dropping and beautiful for an elegant and glamorous look. Whatever your theme, there is a tunnel that can match! The opportunities are endless.

Red Carpet

Make your attendees feel like celebrities when entering your event by having them step onto the red carpet. This is a great way to engage guests right away. You can add event branding to the background and have photographers in place to take guests photos making them feel like a real VIP. These photos make your guests feel special and give them something to remember the event by. They also work as event promotion and marketing being spread across attendees social media channels.

Event Sponsorship 

Carefully placing logos during your event will increase sponsor’s brand awareness. This also works exceptionally well with brand activation and experiential events. Make sure to really take advantage of logo placement by offering sponsors opportunities for placement in event entrances for maximum visibility. Always be very intentional with sponsorship, if attendees walk into giant billboards of the sponsors it tends to cheapen the event which will leave guests less excited for the rest of the night. Remember attendees do not want to feel like they are being sold to the entire event, so keep it low key and in theme with your event.

Bonus Planning Tips

Don’t forget to direct your audience: More appropriately referred to as “pre-entrance prep” by planners, it involves the use of clear, crisp-font signs in easily accessible locations to guide your audience to the grand entrance of your event, ensuring that your guests walk into the event without any confusion weighing down their attention so that they can fully absorb and appreciate the visual spectacle before them.

Be Intentional

Whichever event grand entrance ideas you choose, make sure you choose one that is intentional. Do not just use the latest trend because it’s a trend. Always make sure that your grand entrance fits the bill for your event.  Remember why you are having your event and the goals, and use your grand entrance to aide those reasons.


A great event entrance has the capacity to mesmerise, electrify, captivate, and/or amuse your audience. Remember, the first impact on your audience’s psyche is made by the visual power of the event entrance that awaits them, and not by the people standing there to receive them. These grand entrance ideas demand attention. They help attendees remove themselves from the distractions of

The event entrance is where the journey of your audience begins, and its visual impact can subconsciously evoke a strong emotional response that can linger for the rest of the event and influence their decisions.

Whether it’s a gaming convention or a glamorous charity event a grand entrance can engage your attendees from the get-go.

Source: www.helloendless.com