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Planner Standards

Setting standards in event planning

With the strong call for Standards in event planning from the corporate and association sector – the conference taking place on Thursday 13th October at Hackle Brooke Conference Centre will be a highly participative event.

Based on the outcomes of the 2015 Events Industry Summit – the programme has outstanding topics of great interest to all event sectors.

To ensure that participants receive as much ‘bang for their buck’ – strategic partners have rapidly climbed aboard to offer a range of delegate benefits.

Below are some of the great opportunities – only available at the ‘Setting Standards in Event Planning’ conference:

First Signatories to Professional Planner Standards
Signing-up to receive the first set of opportunities will be a part of the registration fee at this participative conference.

Special Conference Price….‘Build a Better Conference’ by (the other) Michael Jackson.

The conference’s MC with many years experience as a presenter to more than 2000 events has seen it all from the good to questionable event planning. A special pre-order price will be available at the conference for his latest published work.

Tailor-made Audience Interaction with Live Q&As by Sli.do
With a successful track record in South Africa over the past 3 years – Sli.do will provide easy methods to capture the required participative conference outcomes.

Computerised Data Projection – All-in-One by SIA
Never before in South Africa will be witnessed for the first time at this conference.

Presentations on flash-drive are inserted directly into the SIA All-in-One and instant projection is available on large screens. No wires, laptops, data-projectors…..just one box.

Kosher Cocktails by Matrix Bars
Designed by Matrix management’s highly experienced personnel – kosher cocktails have taken-off with orders from day one of launch. Conference participants will have their first taste on 13th October.

Registration opens in early September. Email info@palnnerstandards.com to be the one of the first to receive the final details.

Source: www.plannerstandards.com

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