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Bbagzz – preventing baggage pilferage : Baggage tampering and pilferage is on the increase – placing travellers at serious risk of items being removed and – even more concerning – added to their baggage.

 Understanding the serious and infuriating challenges as a traveller, Roger Martin founder of Bbagzz – has developed simple, easy-to-use, durable and recyclable plastic enclosures that seal bags entirely. And – the product includes hassle-free baggage insurance.

It’s so easy – wherever you are in the world, simply insert your baggage into the Bbagzz plastic enclosure, sms the unique identification code on the Bbagzz to the number provided to activate the insurance, and enjoy a pleasant journey, free from any concerns about your luggage being lost, stolen, damaged, delayed, pilfered or tampered with. Plus your bag will be easy to spot on the carousel.

Protect against tampering, pilfering, physical damage such as scuffs and water damage. Unlike baggage shrink-wrap, Bbagzz cannot be replaced if removed, which means any tampering will be immediately evident.

Branding opportunities – the bags can be uniquely branded with any logo, image, campaign, slogan or promotional message – spreading your marketing message from the carousel at he local airport to unlimited destinations.

Simple and fast and highly affordable at only R50 for both the Bbagzz plastic enclosure and the insurance cover.

Enjoy peace of mind on your next journey !

Contact : Wendy or Roger

To Order – Email : wendy@bbagzz.com

Tel 011 465 0095


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