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Questions to Ask Before You Book Your Next Entertainer

Planning to book an entertainer for your next event ? If so, asking the right questions is crucial!

Remember that everything should be negotiable and your entertainment buyer should be negotiating on your behalf.

Jaki, owner of Baskow & Associates, a US based destination management and entertainment company shares her thoughts and provides a list of questions to ask from her years of experience in booking entertainers.

First up are the essential questions to ask when choosing and then booking entertainment:

What kind of entertainment are you looking for: comedian, band, variety act, celebrity headliner, keynote speaker?

What is your client’s budget?

What is the age range of the attendees?

Where will this event take place?

Will people be attending who do not speak English?

What kind of entertainment has your booking agent handled in the past?

At the booking stage, there are even more questions to ask, many of which are designed to figure out what costs are going to pop up in addition to the act’s stated fee.

You’ll find most of your answers in the entertainer’s “rider.” The rider is attached to the contract and includes the act’s specific hospitality needs (transportation, accommodation, meals, technical needs eg sound, lighting, etc.).

Among the things you want to know:

Are you going to have to cover the cost of airplane tickets? If so, how many are required and what class of travel is required?

How many hotel rooms are needed?

What about ground transportation from the airport to the hotel?

Are meals and beverages, including alcohol, in the rider?

Are production costs charged over and above the fee quoted to you?

Will the act require instrument rentals? Are these an additional charge to you?

What about sound and lighting equipment, and possible rear-screen projection?

Are you using a convention centre? Have you factored in labour costs?

Are there any other special requirements?

And a few more things…

First and foremost, talent must not be offensive or inappropriate in any way. Be aware of the corporate culture of your audience and keep this point in mind at all times.

Second, it is important to address client’s expectations early on regarding the quality of entertainment they can expect to hire with respect to budget.

And finally, find an artist with universal appeal who will deliver that added punch. Before you book, ask yourself, “What’s the ‘wow’ factor for my event?”

Top Tip: If you have a diverse group, find out which languages the entertainer can sing in – this will always go well with the crowd if English is not their home language.

Source : Jaki Baskow : https://meetingsnet.com

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