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Poland, Rich in Culture and Unique Charm

More than a thousand years old, Poland’s past can be seen wherever you travel. It shows in its great cities like Krakow, Gdansk, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Perfect places for your next incentive or group, and very price competitive in Europe.

How about a visit to Krakow – the undiscovered world heritage city – one of the oldest cities in Poland, which has preserved not only its monuments but also a charm and specific “ancient” climate as well as being the new capital of clubbing in the old kingdom of art and science.

Or a visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine – a mine that has been in operation since the 13th century. Its underground corridors, chambers and stunning chapels with chandeliers made of crystal salt are unique in the world.

Discover Warsaw by retro bus – this unique city is full of monuments and historical sights. Founded in the 13th century as the prince’s castle, it is surrounded by walls, The Royal Route and is also an example of socialist era architecture – the Palace of Culture and Science – a gift from the Soviet people in 1952.

Further incentive ideas:

Learn how to braid wreaths of flowers – a tradition for women doing it during the last day of Spring ( the longest night in whole year ) then they were all released on Vistula River

Bike in Ojcowski National Park – the park contains numerous castles, including a ruined Gothic castle at Ojców and a better-preserved Renaissance castle at Pieskowa Skała

Folk show with dance lessons and polish songs

Stained glass museum visit with workshops and glass ball paintings

Culinary workshops

Handmade hats atelier visit

Intercrac have the local expertise and experience needed in providing creative motivational programmes and fascinating itineraries to any part of Poland. 

Contact : gill@bodyandsoulsouthafrica.com

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