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Paul Mantis

Paul Gardiner, Mantis Group – Business Leader of the Year

Congratulations to Paul for his accolade from the South African Chamber of Commerce UK.

Motivational Overview

I’ve been privileged to live in the great city of London for 13 years now; the opportunities that come your way in a city like this is what makes it – embracing the right opportunity can lead you down some incredible new paths in life.

Grasp these, rise above the egos and arrogance out there and give it your absolute everything – at the same time never forgetting the planet and the environment that we’re abusing and neglecting. After success its time to give back!


Paul and his father Adrian have grown their hotel group, Mantis, from its humble beginnings in 1990, with the conception of Shamwari Game Reserve, to the only hotel group in the world with a presence on all 7 continents.

The group has been awarded Africa’s leading boutique hotel collection for several consecutive years now.

They’ve also picked up the World’s leading conservation award several times over. Today the group is made up of the so-called Mantis BIG 5, which includes the following disciplines: Development, Marketing, Management, Education and Conservation.

Paul is also in partnership with the survival expert and television personality, Bear Grylls.

Together they’re on a mission to get kids and families back outdoors.

Their venture is called: Bear Grylls Survival Academy, the venture has expanded to several countries beyond the UK today. Aside from this they’re in the development phase of creating a Bear Grylls leisure attraction product which they can take to theme parks and shopping malls around the world.

They’re also in the process of going into the adventure race/obstacle race market.

Paul’s heart is very much into conservation and he’s on a crusade with the rest of his family to help save Africa’s rhino.

Source : www.southafricanchamber.co.uk

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