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Nigerian Business Visa Update

Posted 12 Feb 2016

Visas and Passports Unlimited highlight a few of the many requirements asked for by the Nigerian Consulate in order to successfully submit Nigerian visa applications.

​​3 months latest Bank Statements are required by each and every applicant – ​which ​must be STAMPED by the Bank.

​Should the applicant not have sufficient funds in his personal bank account​ of minimum amount of R 15 000 – R 30 000 in the balance of the account. 

Please arrange a Company Bank Letter on official Bank Letterhead stating that the company is in good standing and are aware that the ​company​ ​will be covering the costs of the applicants trip to Nigeria.  This letter must have a BANK STAMP not older than 30​ ​days.

​Should the applicant hold a Corporate Credit Card – please supply a letter from the BANK on an official Bank Letterhead and STAMPED confirming this corporate credit card is held by the traveller and attached to this the LATEST 3 months STAMPED Statements of the said corporate credit card.

Nigeria OIS Centre have advised that as of the 9th February 2016 they are putting a hold on all NIGERIA EXPRESS VISAS until further notice.

Please note that normal processing time is 06 -10 working days.

 Visas & Passports Unlimited has an interactive website :

Download Forms &  Requirements + Quote a visa +  Book a collection + Track your visa @ www.visasunlimited.co.za

They are located in their beautiful new premises at 34 7th Avenue, Edenvale.

Please feel free to pop in to see them or arrange to meet with one of their expert visa consultants – they are just a call or email away for any visa queries.

All information supplied by Visas & Passports Unlimited was correct as at 11 Feb 2016. 

All information must be double checked with Visas & Passports Unlimited (or the appropriate Consulate) before submitting your application. 

Event Stuff SA holds no responsibility for any visas not granted.

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