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New Zanzibar Route

New Zanzibar Route : Mango and AfricaStay sign agreement for weekly Zanzibar charters during 2013

Johannesburg: Mango and tour operator AfricaStay have today announced the conclusion of a charter agreement that will see weekly flights operate between Johannesburg and Zanzibar, Tanzania commencing on the 12th of March. The service comprises Tuesday departures in either direction. In December Mango had a similar agreement and the success of the operation gave AfricaStay the confidence to invest in a longer term operation.

AfricaStay has a long track record in marketing Zanzibar as a holiday destination to South Africans as well as promoting South Africa as a destination from Tanzania. Mango will not be retailing inventory to Zanzibar at this time given the nature and status of current commercial and other agreements.

Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout says that the year-long agreement follows on the success of AfricaStay’s venture during festive season trading. “Weekly charters enjoyed substantial support during that time and we welcome the continuance of our relationship with AfricaStay.” He adds that while Mango is the operating carrier, all bookings and enquiries vis-à-vis commercial operations must be directed at the tour operator. “This is strictly a charter agreement and serves as a prelude for Mango’s regional ambition.”

“The popularity of Zanzibar as a holiday destination for South Africans became evident following cessation of airlift services toward the end of last year,” says AfricaStay managing director Marian Sandu. “We had endless requests and enquiries relating to travel between the countries.” He says he believes that demand will continue its steep upward trend. “Zanzibar is an affordable island holiday destination at a time when continued economic pressure, exchange rate instability and other factors impact disposable income. The low-cost aviation model, as applied to our charters, has made it possible to resume traffic between the countries and deliver an affordable product to South Africans.”

Consumer and trade information on AfricaStay flights, operated per Mango charters, is available at www.africastay.com

Source : www.flymangonews.co.za



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