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Seating trends

New Year inspiration with stylish design trends!

Kick off the year with an introduction to a variety of stylish new international products for meeting and event professionals to help planners create captivating, engaging, and immersive environments.

Trends in soft seating for events mirror the trends in home furnishings and continue to be dominated by all shades of gray and light colored linens, with a strong shift towards eclecticism. The muted color palette is not only clean but features lush textured fabrics, fur and velvet to give a soft organic feel.

Seating trendsMinimalistic furnishings in gray tones, such as modular Hexagon Ottomans and Island Double Sofas, embody the clean, neutral mid-century trend and serve as the canvas to layer colour and other decor elements that provide individuality. This aesthetic must still accommodate technology, and by adding charging tables and powered seating to spaces, designers can ensure they are addressing those needs as well.

Whether it’s a meeting in a hotel ballroom or an evening gala, clients want designs that exude warmth and facilitate connections.

Pantone’s Spring 2017 colour palette, along with Coluor of the Year, “Greenery,” offers an unusual juxtaposition of vitality, calmness and the great outdoors, which represents this trend.

Using earth-centric colours and mixed materials in tables, ottomans and decor also infuses organic elements, which is critical in today’s event design.

Greenery is a great way to bring the outdoors inside, and life-like greenery helps divide space and bring designs to life. When blended with simplistic or geometric furnishings and pops of color that appear in nature, you get a fresh look that feels natural.

The rustic and vintage looks of the recent past are also morphing toward eclecticism, and combine art deco, modernism and urban industrial styles together for a more sophisticated, residential vibe.

Gold and brass metals complimented by glass, wood or marble surfaces are trending in accent and dining tables, as well as shelving and other occasional furnishings. “The look of the season is marble surfaces,” says international designer Jordan Carbotti of Perfect Surroundings, “You’re seeing it incorporated into nearly every event design, and it mixes easily with other materials and fits into any theme, not to mention it’s really sophisticated.”

Finally, meetings and events must reflect changing millennial generation expectations and facilitate networking, engagement and connections. Technology and power incorporated into seating and tables helps keep attendees stay charged, but flexibility in furnishings is also paramount. Ottomans, are a great way to create campfire seating and small theatre groupings that can be easily rearranged for impromptu creative gatherings within larger meetings. An added bonus, they add a wonderful pop of colour!

Today, planners must think about creating meeting environments that are comfortable and functional – Gone are the days of boring theatre seating using uncomfortable banquet chairs. Attendees expect a higher standard to help foster creativity and learning. Upgraded meeting chairs are a must – the move is toward stylish modern seating which can be mixed together to design a meeting room for maximum engagement.

Source: www.specialevents.com

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