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Destination Asia Weather Charts

New: Destination Asia’s Monthly Weather Charts

It’s important to know localised weather activity in Asia – as within a single country it is possible for numerous weather types to simultaneously occur.

To provide agents with a comprehensive breakdown of regular weather patterns and the best time to visit places, Destination Asia has created month-by-month factsheets with annotated maps and images.

They also take the seasons into account, providing details on what to expect at specific times of year and peak and shoulder seasons. Each weather chart reveals vital travel information, showcasing how it is possible to travel throughout the year to favorable climates in Asia.

These charts are designed to give our agents more options and ultimately, assist them in securing more business. To accompany the weather facts, we also provide notes on local festivals taking place throughout the year in each country.

The weather charts are available in PDF file format and can be requested by sending an email to the address below.

Email: sales@destination-asia.com

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