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Needing Destination Inspiration for your next Incentive ?

Most of us are lucky if we can escape our desks long enough to visit one country per year… but it never hurts to have a list of dazzlingly perfect options.

Lonely Planet has announced its Top 10 Countries for 2016, employing expert analysis to make travel recommendations for the year ahead.

The striking lineup includes nations that will be especially prime to visit next year, for reasons historical (Botswana), environmental (the U.S.), athletic (Greenland) and more.

Feeling in the need for some inspiration – take your pick, study up, and then perhaps recommend for an incentive trip:

Botswana heads the list !

Say Lonely Planet – it shouldn’t take long for travellers to recognise this off-the-radar wonderland full of sprawling national parks, glorious safaris and untouched lagoons and gorges.

Lonely Planet calls it the number-one place to visit in 2016 and for good reason – democratic, progressive, enlightened – but above all, invigoratingly wild.

The story of Botswana’s journey from poverty to become one of Africa’s most stable, thriving societies is inspirational; the country celebrates 50 years of independence in 2016 and there’s a lot for it to shout about, not least the way it has balanced economic growth with protecting its natural riches.

Prepare for a severe case of slack-jawed-with-awe syndrome when you visit.

Following on from Botswana are :

And, best value destinations :

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

East Africa
New Mexico
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Galicia, Spain
Québec City, Canada
Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast
Western Australia

Extravagance may be the enemy of tight budgets, but there’s no need to hit the brakes on expensive tastes.

Sure, you might not be travelling in first class, but you and your clients can still indulge in a little VIP treatment – without maxing out their credit cards.

Salvation lies in these affordable luxuries: star-spangled dining, castle sleeps and VIP treatment, all tailored for limited travel budgets !

Thermal bath for less in Reykjavík, Iceland
Low-season safari in East Africa
Michelin stars for spare change in Hong Kong, China
Budget-friendly fragrance in France
A sauna of your own in Sweden
Cheap sleeps in a castle in Germany
Personalised cocktails in London, UK
VIP for free in Las Vegas, USA
Budget spa bliss in Fez, Morocco
Rock-bottom ryokan in Japan

Source : https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/countries

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