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Event Lighting

Must-Dos for Great Event Production

Review these areas of light, sound, and staging with your production company to ensure your meeting message gets delivered with punch.



Where are your speakers placed?

“Flown” speakers are great because it gets them overhead and out of attendees’ sight and they don’t take up space.

Of course, rigging (getting them up there) adds a cost in most venues, so this is not always feasible.

Bigger is not always better in speakers, but too small is also bad!

Good speakers are like great servers – you don’t really know they are there.

The size is determined by size of venue, size of the audience, the distance of the presenter from stage, projection, and more.

Having great audio at an event takes significant skill. Will the sound be evenly distributed in the room? 

This is critical to preventing sound delays from the front of the room to the back, and to ensure crispness: You’re amplifying words, not rock-concert drumbeats.


Wireless LEDs eliminate the challenge of cord placement (i.e., where a cord would need to go over a doorway, through a room) and placement where there is no power.

Wireless LEDs run on battery versus having to find a plug. They’re not right for everything, but great when you can’t have cords everywhere or need very low power usage.


Is your screen size appropriate for your room size and what you will be projecting?

Your content determines which seats offer clear views. A distance equal to four times the height of the screen is good for viewing graphics.

For example, six-foot-by-eight-foot screen allows graphics to be seen clearly up to 32 feet away from the screen. For video, the rule of thumb is eight times the height of the screen. 


A countdown clock could be the best tool in your production toolbox!

This will reconfirm for the speakers the amount of time they have to present, hold speakers accountable, and help them stay on track.

If they want to go off on tangents, that’s fine—the clock will remind them to get their critical points across before their time runs out.

Note: Be sure your production company resets the clock!

And walk through the process in advance with all speakers. 

Source : Cassie Brown : https://meetingsnet.com

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