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Guest Feature : Moscow’s Underground Treasures

Planning an incentive with a difference and need some new ideas?

Why not consider Moscow – a destination that is fast growing in popularity and welcomes visitors to share in its rich cultural heritage.

What could be more different that a tour of Moscow’s unique underground metro stations where extravagant opulence vies with works of art to delight the public.

Known as ‘the palaces of the people’, the stations were designed by the country’s leading architects and were intended to raise the spirits of workers commuting to dreary jobs under Soviet communist rule.

Today the vaulted ceilings, ornate columns, marble cladding, frescoes, sculptures and paintings all illuminated by impressive lighting are the pride of Moscow, bringing delight to commuters and tourists alike.

Amongst the most beautiful are Novoslobodskaya featuring 32 glorious stained glass panels; Ploschchad Revolyutsil where 76 bronze sculptures represent the people of the Soviet Union and Komsomolskaya station with its frescoed ceilings, marble columns and gold mosaics.

The first section of the city’s metro network opened in 1935, since when the labyrinth has grown to over 300km long with 196 stations.

Renowned for its efficiency and affordability, the metro is an effective way for visitors to get around the city, using the hop-on hop-off system, but beware – the Cyrillic signage can prove to be the undoing of visitors.

Source : http://www.u-cannect.com

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