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Mobile App training: Essential to success

You’ve spent hours analysing the required features for your event’s mobile application.

You’ve uploaded content, and matched the design to your meeting’s brand.

You have sent out email blasts letting attendees know the event app is available.

You should be all set for success, right? Yes and No.

One key component to the success of an event mobile app is to help people understand how to use it.

While well-designed mobile apps for events should be user-friendly, attendees may still require help using the app and more important, understanding all of the features it includes.

Here are a few ways to help train attendees so they can get the most out of the event experience:

Highlight event app features in email blasts promoting the mobile event app.

Don’t simply tell people to download the event mobile app, state the case by informing them about how they can benefit from it.

This can be especially useful when launching a new feature that even the most experienced users might not expect.

Interactive features such as collaborative note-taking might require a more detailed explanation than something basic like an event agenda.

If login information is required to use the event app, make sure this is properly communicated and easily accessible.

If attendees have to search too long for login information, they may simply give up and not use the event app.

Make sure people understand what the mobile event app is replacing.

For example, if you are eliminating paper evaluations and using the app to collect feedback, you will need to communicate this multiple times so you don’t miss any attendee input.

Have people onsite who can help people download the event app and walk them through how to use it.

This can be volunteers, staff or paid experts who can assist people in navigating their smartphones or tablets.

Play a game. Incentivise people to explore all that an event app has to offer by making a game of it.

The goal is to help make people comfortable with the event app and to encourage them to try out all of the features.

In some cases, your attendees will download the mobile event app and use it without any additional assistance.

However, many organisations still have attendees at varying degrees of technical proficiency, and a little training can go a long way in the adoption and use of a mobile application at your event.

Source: www.blog.cvent.com/blog

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