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MICE TALK : Nadia Steenkamp, Mauritius Incentive Connection: A passion, a destiny, a destination …

Introducing Nadia Steenkamp, our Mauritius Incentive Connection representative in South Africa.  

MIC – Mauritius Incentive Connection, launched in July 2011, is an initiative powered by Connections DMC, bringing together a consortium of Mauritian partners with fresh ideas and  products for the incentive and conference market in South Africa.

Who is the real Nadia Steenkamp?

A wife and mother of a very busy 2-year-old. We also have 3 fur babies in our household. I’m a popcorn addict and find it very difficult to say no to a glass of red wine.  I adore my parents and I’m very grateful that they were able to provide me with a good education and for making it possible to send me to university to study what I call today my passion. My dad is my mentor and if there is one thing in life that he taught me well … nothing is given to you on a silver plate, you need to work for it and only then will you succeed.

And this is what I have taken on-board in my professional life. Passionate, hard working and service focused, I am always on the ‘ball’ and ready to assist my clients. I love a challenge, which is why I have stayed within the travel industry.

I enjoy travelling, with my favourite destinations being: Mauritius – which I now sell passionately, followed by India, Greece and Egypt.

What is your position at MIC and explain what this involves? 

I am the MIC Sales Manager based in South Africa. I joined the team in May 2017, and work on a daily basis together with my local team mate, Lucile Wong, at Connections DMC to promote MIC. Our goal, together with Lucile, is to show to the South African MICE agents a different Mauritius.

Hence our proposals always contain a unique value proposition. Furthermore, we are very active on communicating our innovations on a regular basis. Ranging from off-site venues, themes, activities, gift ideas, original entertainment, we are always on the lookout on how to make our offer different and unique.

I have travelled to Mauritius several times now and seen so many options, that I can very easily offer my expertise to our clients on presentations. Being in touch with all the hotel partners and Connections DMC on a regular basis, I have all the latest updates which I am out on the road to share. In addition, I regularly host small MIC events to update our clients, promote the destination as well as share some of our innovations…..

What motivates you every day?

Two things, firstly my daughter and being able to provide for her.

Secondly, my passion for the Travel & Tourism Industry, which certainly never has a dull moment. And specially at MIC, where it is highly dynamic and a constant challenge. 

Tell us about your business background?

I have Travel & Tourism in my blood, it’s all I know & I love it!  I am very proud of what this industry has taught me. I probably was a (much younger than now) girl who checked you in, tagged your bag on a low cost carrier flight at George Airport, or dealt with you within the Customer Care department or the one who had to answer the question why a car is more expensive to rent during December than in February (Revenue & Yield Manger) of a well know Car Rental company, or I might have assisted you with making a decision of which property to choose for your next family holiday with a Tour Operator. 

How do MIC create memorable events, conference and incentives?

We listen, understand and deliver the client’s expectations (plus a little bit more) by being flexible and having the right partners within our portfolio. We believe and strive in making memories that will last a life time. Customer satisfaction is crucial for us and we strongly believe in not cutting corners – we go all out and tend to amaze people several times.

Proposals are very time consuming – any suggestions to make this an easier process?

Have as much detail from your client as possible. Know and understand what their expectations are for us to deliver on expectations. A detailed background of the specific group travelling is crucial to us for example: Have they been to Mauritius before? Other destinations we are up against? Flexibility of dates? Star grading preference? Is location important to your client? Basically, the more information we have … the better!

What advice would you share with a conference and incentive manager?

In the first instance, ensure that your staff are equipped with the correct ‘tools’ for them to sell a destination. I strongly believe ‘seeing is believing’ and in this regard we manage an active educational and site visit programme to Mauritius with our MIC partners

On their return, we strongly suggest they brief the rest of their team – by doing this you not only implement a staff training session, but in turn this creates a great opportunity to develop the staff member as an individual, share newly experienced knowledge, improve confidence and brings about respect within the team.

Final words from Nadia …

Happy staff – Happy client!

For further information on Mauritius Incentive Connections, visit the MIC Directory page on this website HERE

Or Contact Nadia at:

Email:  nadia@mic-mauritius.com