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MICE Academy

MICE Academy

The MICE Academy recognises and awards YOU !

Organising and planning any type of MICE gathering is not the glamour job some assume it to be.  In fact it’s damn hard slog – with most learning taking place by trial-&-error at the coal-face.


The MICE Academy is proving to be a winning formula for all individuals whether salaried or self-employed who not only wish to keep up-to-date with the latest trends but also need to compare notes on innovative methods in the dynamic MICE world.

As an individual with knowledge and experience in planning, co-ordinating and organising any type of event – the Academy has regular Focus Groups which keep you at the cutting-edge. Included are Q&A tests on the session subject as well as the issuing of authentic certificates so that future clients and employers have the real facts about your abilities.

Coupled with certificated Focus Groups are quarterly score-cards of your accumulated points.

Attaining a certain amount of points / credits, puts you in line for wide-spread media recognition plus great & valuable rewards.  All this can be added to your Professional Profile providing you with an outstanding resume on an ongoing basis.

Of course the back-up benefits are greater as a MICE Academy member.

As a start, check our website www.miceacademy.co.za get yourself onto our mailing list and join us at a MICE Focus Group.  

The prospects and opportunities are extensive.

Contact : 

Helen Brewer

MICE Academy

T : +27 11 326 4000

M : +27 82 820 5382


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