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Menu for networking

Menus for better networking

It’s so important for your corporate events to foster successful and lasting networking between attendees.

There are many different ways you can make this easier on your event guests. Forego seating assignments and choose mobile chairs over long benches so that people can mingle together, for example.

You can also create different activity stations for guests to enjoy together in groups.

Have you ever thought about how what you’re serving at your events might better how your guests interact with each other? Here are a few different ideas that you can easily implement to encourage guests to mingle and create lasting connections.

Use Your Menu as a Conversation Starter

During the first few hours of your event when guests might not know each other well or be comfortable approaching one another yet food can be a great introduction to conversation. Give them something to talk about!

Food is a very easy and convenient subject to discuss and will inevitably open the door to further discussion and allow your guests to get to know each other. This isn’t limited to the type of food you serve; feel free to get creative with it! This idea could even be implemented by displaying your cuisines in an interesting, fresh way or even adding some local ingredients to reflect where your event is being held.

Sitting or Standing?

One option to really encourage everyone to mingle and get to know each other is to serve appetisers that can be enjoyed while standing rather than a traditional sit down dinner. It’s important to give your attendees options and be flexible.

Standing appetisers allow guests to freely mingle with others and be more strategic about who they spend time with during the event. An additional benefit of serving many small appetisers is being able to be more accommodating to those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Small plates afford you the opportunity to plan many different options including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Always Include Something Sweet

Often times the dessert is event attendees’ most memorable part of the meal. Usually by this time in the evening everyone has had a moment to relax, get to know their table mates, and enjoy the rest of their meal.

Make this time in the meal a stand out part of evening and don’t be afraid to invest more into this part of your event. While working with your chefs and planning your menu consider starting your meal off light and capping the experience with something decadent and memorable.

So whether you serve your meal sitting or standing, always start swift with creative food choices and displays, and always end strong with a wonderful dessert.

Source: www.floktu.com

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