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Event Hosts

Maximising the Role of an Event Host

An event, big or small; is always aimed to help companies attract customers and generate sales.

The host team, besides being well groomed and always smiling, can bring strategic values that not everyone can take advantage of.

1 1. Always hire suitable hosts for the event and for your brand: The hostess or host is the first person that customers meet while approaching to the company’s stand.

Therefore, you need to carefully choose your “brand ambassadors” and people who represent your brands image.

If there is an exhibition, you should recruit experienced hosts, with Marketing, Sales or Business degrees.

These hosts will have the propensity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and will be able to present products fluently.

You may also choose to recruit the same hosts for many different events to ensure they are trained on your product and brand.

When selecting from an agency, make sure the selected host clearly reflects your business image.

You should be able to preview and check their profiles on line, understand their experience and perhaps even ask to do a Skype interview before the event.

2. Train the host / host team/promotional team before the event: Many event planners are satisfied with one short training session, lasting about 30 minutes before the event is due to start.

However, this will increase the risk of your hosts not having enough time to remember the information.

It’s suggested to organise a training session at least 3 days before the event, in order to provide sufficient information about the brand, company and the product; let them have an opportunity to ask questions.

3. Encourage the dynamics of event hosts: Do not limit their tasks to just smiling and greeting guests or introducing products only when customers come to visit your stand.

They will quickly feel passive, bored, and then neglect their duties.

The company representatives or supervisors should foster them and make them believe that they are company members who give a significant contribution to the event success by always being ready to search, to attract attention and to actively communicate with potential customers.

4. Select the perfect uniform: Uniform has always been a major factor directly representing your company and brand’s image.

Your clients may help with uniform sourcing and logistics from existing stock.

Source : http://elpromotions.co.uk/ep-fashion-blog/

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