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Make someone’s day

With the new year under way, have you reflected on how things are in comparison to last year at this time? Is it a repeat of what happened and the only difference is your age perhaps?

Perhaps you can do a few little things that can make other people around you happier or stress-free.

When I worked in the corporate environment, I enjoyed making people happy. One way to do this is simply to smile first. It has that effect on people that makes them reciprocate. Too often people have become suspicious when others smile at them or compliment them. I have even found myself asking for permission to compliment someone on how well dressed they are.

So back in the corporate world when I worked for a reputable car rental firm, I used to give 30 second massages to the reservations staff every Friday morning, just to say thank you for looking after my clients (I was in sales). When I started the ritual, there were those who thought it verged on flirting, but after a while, they realized that it was purely recognition and gratitude. The effect it had was that when I was on the road meeting clients and I needed assistance from the reservations department, their help was beyond exceptional.

So what can you do to make others around you happy? How can you make their day?

Here are a few tips:

Greet first.
Smile first.
Genuinely ask how they are and listen for their response. Check that their demeanor and their responses are congruent.
Ask if there is anything you can do to help them.
Gentlemen, be courteous (open doors for ladies).
Ladies be kind (not everyone is flirting).
Pay the toll gate fee for the car behind you.
Make your colleague a cuppa.
Remind your partner that you love them (don’t text, send a voice note or call them).
Give someone a generous tip for great service instead of the standard 10%.
Greet strangers in the elevator.
Call someone you haven’t spoken to in ages.
Tell your boss you appreciate them.
Tell your staff you appreciate them.

Say thank you.

Sometimes we are looking for radical and mind-blowing actions and activities to make a difference when in reality, people appreciate the little things, the acceptance, the recognition, saying “thank you”. Try it out. Here’s what you will discover: when you do good for others, the reward and personal satisfaction is indescribable. It’s worth the effort. Do this daily.

Have an awesome day!

Source: www.alexgranger.com

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