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Looking for solutions and creative ideas for projects in Belgium?

Be surprised by the possiblilities of such a small but yet such a diverse country !

Herewith some exciting ideas ranging from a very sustainable race on a former F1-racetrack with the greatest electric sports car in the world : the Tesla Roadster.   

Not convinced of its performance?  How about 0-100 in 3,5 seconds!   That is just as fast as a Ferrari 340 Scuderia, and faster than the Jaguar XJ 220 or the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG! Pick your car!    An absolute adrenaline kick !

Or the Sea challenge – drive your own offshore RIB-boat in a speed challenge, a technical challenge and a group stage.   Great fun and not depending on the weather !

If you want to keep it more relaxed, how about a picnic in the hidden garden of Eden?  it is located right in the medieval city centre of Ghent.  A gem ready to be discovered…

Learn how to pull the best beer in the world? Belgium is THE beer country in the world.   How about doing a little workshop on how to pull the perfect beer.    Did you know that each and every of the 750 (!) kinds of beer has its own glass? 

Cream pie throwing (HILARIOUS !) – One of their greatest activities!  

A chef will explain the group in a very professional way how to make and decorate a special cake.  The workshop takes about 45 minutes and at the end the real fun starts. Teams line up in their protective gear and get to thrown all the pies at each other!  (2 pies per person!).  And guess what : apart from your face, you don’t get dirty !

Make your own chocolate masterpiece.

A master chocolatier will instruct you on the different technique of making a chocolate statue and real eatable master pieces!   The team with the most impressive piece wins this competition!

Food paring Belgian chocolate with South-African wines. Belgium has one of the best cuisine in the world.  

Did you know that Bruges has the most Michelin stars per capita in the world?    Why not combine 2 great countries with their specialities : Belgian cuisine meets South-African wine!    We will teach you how to find the right wine with the right dish (and vice versa).

Make you own perfume – a workshop in which you will select your own favourite scents, and a perfume specialist will blend it into your very own perfume (30 ml bottle per person included!).

From a wall full of scents, you get to pick your favourite ones.   After having selected your final 3 scents, the perfume lady will deduct your personality and your character.  

These 3 scents actually represent your personality and how you are!   So you make a reflection of yourself through perfume.    SUPER ORIGINAL!  AND you get to take a 30ml bottle home with you.  A lasting memory!

Vespa-tours in the countryside.  The famous scooters are a hit in Belgium!  

The countryside is very flat yet very diverse.   This tour will take you through the woods, the fields, cobbled streets and even to the beaches.   Have we told you that you can also taste some local products along the way?   How about stopping at a farm for some real homemade ice-cream?

Creativity is more than being different.  Anyone can play weird, that’s easy. What is hard is to be as simple as Bach. 

Making the simplicity awesomely beautiful.  That is creativity. 

For any further information contact Gill at : gill@bodyandsoulsouthafrica.com

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