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Inspire goes sustainable

Recently, Inspire Furniture made a commitment to doing business more sustainably.

Chad Botha commented: We’re embarking on this initiative for two reasons: firstly, a green business model will have tremendous benefits for our precious environment. It will also help us conduct business more efficiently as we are encouraged to evalute the ecological impact of our business processes.

Going green also empowers our staff with the knowledge that they’re making a positive contribution to society, and it reassures our clients that they will be doing business with an ethical supplier. We’re hoping that this positive change will create a ripple effect that will be felt throughout the entire events industry.

Our first step on this journey has started. We’ve implemented an ISO 140001 compliant environmental management system, and are being supported by an outsourced sustainability consultant. We’ll be guided through the entire process of becoming the first accreditted green company in the events industry, and we have a team holding us accountable so that we meet the new standards we’re setting for ourselves.

Every year, an independent audit will be conducted. It’s been designed to monitor and report on our progress, but it will also guide us as we make additional improvements over the years to come. We’ll be keeping you, our valued clients and suppliers, informed about the policies we implement (waste management, water usage, energy efficiency, our choices of cleaning products) and the values we’re increasingly determined to align ourselves with.

We’re excited to walk this road, and embrace our role as the first fully accredited green furniture company in the events industry.

Source: Inspire Furniture Hire & Sales

Website: www.inspirefurniture.co.za