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Industry professionals need creative ‘Time-out’

Event planners should be encouraged to take time off work to foster their creativity, says Leeds Beckett University senior event lecturer.

And planning professionals should be bringing more ‘play’ into their events, as well as focusing on two other key P words – ‘place’ and ‘perform’ – to get the highest audience engagement.
Michelle Lanham, senior lecturer in events at Leeds Beckett University says : “Organisations have introduced culture days where employees can go to something of their choosing – like a music festival – and when you work in a creative industry, that’s crucial,” she said.
“A lot of people that don’t work in creative industries will see that as a jolly, but actually it’s vital because if you’re going to be a creative person you’re only creative based on your living experience.”
Lanham said successful events used elements of play to engage the audience, either through challenges, imaginative immersion or sensory-based activities.
“Play is having a revival. Adults are just like children, there’s room for play,” she said.
“I’m not talking about just putting Lego on tables, but it’s allowing people that freedom.
It’s allowing people movement to have a bit more fun and a bit more spontaneity. And increased spontaneity led to increased creativity and higher productivity.
“Maybe combining one or more of these will bring an element of play your organisation needs.”
Lanham said the Place objective was making attendees feel welcome and confident enough to network, while Perform was having attendees engage, on Twitter for example.
Adam Serle, production director at events and communications agency Sledge, said: “What Michelle was talking about is not necessarily new, but actually to hear it articulated in that way, so that you remember the three Ps, play, place and perform, is really helpful. If you focus on the three Ps it would be a really good technique for brainstorming.
“I like the fact it allows you to focus on what the key things the audience goes through.
It’s not overly complicated what you do and you can boil it down to the three things that if you focus on you can deliver exemplary things for your customers.”
Source : http://www.meetpie.com

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