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Incentive success: four popular trends

It goes without saying that employees are the keystone of any successful business and that rewarding outstanding employee performance can only benefit your business.

Keen to make your next incentive trip a success? Integrate these 4 popular trends …

Incentive trips are still the most successful way to reward loyal employees. But, don’t fall into the trap of offering the ‘same old, same old’ you’ve been organising for the past 15 years.

Instead, stay on top of the trends and try and integrate these exciting elements into your next trip:

Dive, hike or jump – active teambuilding is making a comeback!

Active team building is making a come-back in 2017. Nothing binds a team together more than participating on an active or high-adrenaline experience with a clear ‘wow’ factor. Your employees will be reminiscing endlessly about their shark-diving experience or about that bungee jump for which they conquered their fears.

Thompsons Travel provides a wide range of team building activities and works with reputable suppliers to offer delegates an experience that results in personal growth and introspection for their clients’ employees.

Says Sharon Leong, National Sales Manager for Thompsons Travel: “Active teambuilding encourages and enhances creative and entrepreneurial thinking to ensure that employees are able to meet targets and goals.”

Eat like a local

If you really want to reward employees: skip the five-star dining experience in international restaurants and find authentic venues where you can ‘eat like a local’. Incorporating destination-specific elements in your incentive trip will help your people to truly experience a destination, not just pass by.

It’s hard to think about Italy without thinking pasta, or think about Mexico without fajitas. So, give your delegates a culinary experience they can’t get in any other place.

Sharon Leong explains there’s no doubt that travellers want to experience local cuisine rather than eating in five-star properties they can find throughout the world. She says: “Eating food with reputable hosting families has become really popular.”

Be creative within the budget

Budget restraints continue to be a concern within the corporate world. However, even with a small budget, companies can still put together an amazing incentive experience. The trick is to be creative within the budget. By being resourceful, there truly are many ways to add creative punch even when the purse strings are a little tight.

Sharon Leong explains Thompsons Travel encourages destinations such as Vietnam, which allow for more activities on a smaller budget. Also local destinations can be a fantastic option on a limited budget. “Our local destinations have outstanding food and facilities. Think Namibia, the Blue Train or Rovos Rail.”

Choose destinations with a sense of urgency

Leisure travel has seen travellers wanting to visit destinations with a sense of urgency – those places that are changing rapidly or even disappearing. Incentive travellers are no different.

Cuba for instance has become a hot destination, as it is at risk of losing its characteristic appeal. Says Sharon Leong: “There is great interest in travelling to Cuba at the moment. The Maldives are also a destination that people would like to experience because of the threat of those beautiful diving sights disappearing.”

Source: www.bigambitions.co.za

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