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I hate pull-up banners!

Although pull up banners are one of the most popular products for portable branding and messaging at meetings and conferences, they have  become my pet hate…

Are they not the most irritating and bulky items to carry and work with at a venue?

The bag shoulder straps are never long enough, the bags tear and break, the zips get stuck, there’s inevitably a piece of the pole missing, they get caught in their casing, they are delivered unlabelled and they’re downright cumbersome.

Then, just when you’ve got them out and in place, it feels as though it’s time to start repacking them.

And it always seems as though there’s never anyone else around to help you unhook and get them back into their bags.

Next, you can’t find the bag, or you find the bag but then the banner disappears! The bags are not labelled and you don’t have spare labels. The person who owns them doesn’t come to collect them which means it’s then your responsibility to wrap and arrange for them to be collected or couriered.

I can’t wait for the day for light weight digitalised fabric roll up banners, with neat catches and stands or even better, plug in and play banner size plasma screens suitably built into conference venues and foyers.

Out there, somewhere, someone is hopefully listening to my silent plea and quietly developing attention-grabbing cost effective visual boards to replace pull up banners!

Author: Clare Neall: www.eventstuff.co.za

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