How to Get Yourself Invited to Important Meetings

In a work culture with too many meetings, we often look for tactics to get out of meetings. But sometimes you need to get into a meeting, perhaps because the decisions made there will have implications for you or your team, or maybe because you feel you’ve been left out of important discussions.

Whether you haven’t been invited because of an oversight or an intentional decision by the meeting organiser, you can take action to secure your seat at the table.

But First, Pause

We often talk about the need to decrease the number of meetings we attend and about the importance of having only the key people in the room, but let’s face it, there are times that being left off the invitation list can sting. Intellectually, you may understand the logic, but that’s little consolation when you want to be included.

It may hurt even more when you realise that an invitation snub sends signals to your team and colleagues, who may wonder, “Why isn’t our boss in that meeting? Is there a shift of power happening in the organisation?” Before making any moves, think objectively about whether you really need to be in that meeting. Ask yourself:

  • Are you a decision maker on the topic?
  • Will you or your team be significantly affected by the outcome?
  • Do you bring knowledge or information that others don’t have?
  • Do you bring a unique perspective that isn’t already represented?

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Source: Harvard Business Review: www.hbr.org