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Unusual Locations

Hosting your Event in an Unusual Location

When you are planning to hold your own event, it is vital to choose the right location.

Your decision will no doubt be influenced by important factors, such as price, position and facilities.

You may also need over-night accommodation, good transport links, catering facilities or exhibition space.

But before you book a bog-standard solution, it’s worth looking around for a more unusual venue that could turn your event into a special occasion.

An interesting venue delivers three important things:

It can increase attendance levels, it can show your business in a more positive light and it can make the event itself more atmospheric and memorable.

Holding your event at an unusual venue does not have to cost the earth.

A specialist venue-finding company can help you find the right location.

You won’t necessarily pay any more than going direct, as these companies agree discounted rates and receive commission from the venue.

Alternatively, an event management or production agency can help you run the entire event.

The main thing is to find a venue that has a good fit with the style of your event and the people you’re inviting.

Impressive venues

Museums can be fascinating places to hold a get-together.

Sporting venues can help you create a successful event. For example, many clubs offer meeting rooms, conference facilities, catering and a tour of their own hallowed ground.

Cricket-lovers will jump at the chance to come to any event held at a major cricket ground.

One sporting event that has wide appeal is horse-racing.

Look out for historic locations – they awlays offer a sense of awe and wonderment.

Another winning idea is to hold your event in a zoo. They offer facilities for everything from team-building events to press launches.

Generally, there are hundreds of interesting venues the length and breath of most countries.

you will find venues with a wide choice of facilities for every budget.  So when it comes to booking a venue, it definitely pays to think outside the box.

Source : http://www.marketingdonut.co.uk

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