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Green Tips for a greener Meetings Africa

Leading up to Meetings Africa 2015, some ideas you can use to ensure Meetings Africa remains the greenest show in South Africa.

Green Tip # 1

Embrace eco-procurement

Buy locally-produced materials for your stand.

Why? The transport associated with importing goods increases the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere – buying locally-produced goods reduces your carbon footprint.

Ideally, also look for goods that do not harm the environment in the manufacture process.

When choosing the materials to make and decorate your stand, look out for environmentally-friendly labels. For example, the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) logo shows that wood is from forests grown in a sustainable manner.

Choose a stand builder that is based in Johannesburg, so that minimal transport is required to get your stand to the show.

Green Tip # 2

Reduce your waste to landfill by aiming to reduce, re-use and recycle as many products or materials from your stand as you can.

Why? The manufacture of products is a resource- and energy-intensive process, placing strain on our natural environment. By using and re-using what we have more carefully, we will reduce the unsustainable demand we are placing on our planet.

Ways to reduce your waste-to-landfill:

  • Design your stand so that it is re-usable – For example, the executive packages include re-useable fabric graphics.
  • Avoid using large volumes of printed promotional materials on your stand. Rather encourage the electronic sharing of information, using an iPad to capture information from and share information with visitors.
  • Keep all packaging accumulated during the build-up process. This can be re-used at break-down, rather than having to source new bubble-wrap and boxes.
  • Use the recycling bins that have been made available at the venue correctly.

Green Tip # 3

Reduce your use of energy by choosing energy-efficient technology for your stand, such as LED lighting or energy-efficient plasma screens. Also consider switching off your power to the stand at night.

Why? The majority of South Africa’s energy is generated from coal which is a non-renewable resource. Be conscious of the amount of energy you are using in preparation for and during the show.

Green Tip # 4

Our last Green Tip shares the simplest way to help us green Meetings Africa

Use public transport to get around, where possible. Encourage your staff to use the Gautrain, buses or a car pool when travelling to and from the show each day.

Why? To minimise the carbon footprint you create when travelling to and from the show.

Offsetting your carbon footprint is as easy as pie. All you need to do is fill out the greening section in the online services manual. This can be done be done by following the link below:


Source : http://eventgreening.co.za/

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