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Going Green at your Next Exhibition

At Compex, we understand the value of incorporating and promoting sustainable actions into event and exhibition planning.

We are committed to providing a quality service to all of our stakeholders, and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our staff.

We know, that through our day-to-day business and operational activities, the industry in which we operate has a growing impact on social, environmental and economic factors.

This realisation is one of the primary reasons for us recently joining The Event Greening Forum (EGF) that supports the development and implementation of minimum standards for sustainable events.

Planning, management and reporting on sustainable events and exhibitions is everybody’s responsibility, but with tight budgets and deadlines, it’s very easy to ignore these factors.

However, once the decision has been taken to decrease the potential impact you have on the environment, methods to do so, are relatively easy to implement.

Nigel Walker, Managing Director at Compex, says “We applaud any actions by companies and teams within our industry to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

We believe that only when more clients insist on a sound environmental approach within our industry, only then will real and meaningful progress happen.

As Compex, we will continue our alignment with responsible business partners, associates, suppliers and sub-contractors as an important part of our overall business strategy.

By educating our staff and clients on the importance of greening initiatives within our industry and the solutions that can be introduced, for example, to an exhibition stand, we hope to play a role in further promoting environmental sustainability.”

We’d like to challenge you to identify ways in which you can ‘Go Green’ at your next

We recently conceptualised and built a stand for Ripcord Promotions who exhibited at Meetings Africa 2016 – they walked away with first prize in the category
for ‘Small Green Stands’!

We decided to capture our insights and learning from this build and make it available to you for when you plan your next exhibition.

Source : http://www.compex.co.za/about-us/latest-news/

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