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Facebook buying Twitter – the implications for #Eventprofs

Once again, rumors are circulating about Facebook buying Twitter. We take a look at the facts, the fiction and what it could all mean for eventprofs.

Facebook has been chasing after Twitter for some time now. According to Twitter Founder, Biz Stone, an offer was made several years ago. When asked to come up with a price, Twitter’s founders, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey came up with $500m, thinking the number was so big that nobody would ever go for it. Zuckerberg said it was a big number but had his people make up the offer anyway. Stone and Dorsey turned the offer down.

The rumours never went away and right now the rumour mill is turning fast. Last year, there were reports that Twitter might be looking for a buyer and Facebook seems to be the obvious choice.

There are three blindingly obvious reasons for this. Firstly, Facebook clearly wants to kill off Snapchat. Facebook has copied many of Snapchat’s features on its own platforms, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook itself. Snapchat’s audience spans all of these platforms and Twitter too. If Facebook were to acquire Twitter and roll out Snapchat-like features there too, Facebook will be offering the same functionality to nearly all of Snapchat’s audience but potentially with a more connected experience.

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