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Face to face still highly valued in the digital age

Meeting face to face is still highly valued in the digital age, according to a newly released white paper, Future Of Meetings.

The Science Of Healthcare Professional Meetings compares and contrasts the perceptions of healthcare professionals (HCPs) across a wide variety of speciality areas and dives deeper into the ongoing evolution of the medical meetings landscape.

“Comparing the results of our 2016 study to the findings we discovered only two years later has been a fascinating exercise,” said Gavin Houston, CEO Americas of Ashfield Meetings & Events.

“A key outcome in this white paper is that HCPs are saying their ‘preferred channel’ to receive scientific content across their medical learning journey, is through attendance at a scientific congress or meeting.

“It is evident that meeting face to face is still highly valued in the digital age. What also comes across though, is that HCPs attend meetings that offer a real return for the time and money they have invested. Further education which ultimately leads to improving patient care is very clearly at the forefront of their attendance decisions, making the quality and delivery of the content a vital element of an event’s success,” Houston added.

Readers can access the white paper HERE.

Source: www.meetpie.com and  www.ashfieldhealthcare.com