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Exhibition of Exhibitions, Gauteng 19 & 20 Oct 2016

The Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) is excited to be hosting the first ever Exhibition of Exhibitions, a groundbreaking occasion designed to equip exhibition organisers and exhibitors with information and innovative tools to boost the entire exhibition industry.

Taking place on 19 and 20 October 2016, this exciting event is further set to give organisers an opportunity to showcase their skills and ideas on a massive platform.

Open to all AAXO members, who account for 80% of the organising community in South Africa, this much anticipated event will take place at the Blue Wing Conference and Events Venue at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg where AAXO will host exhibition organisers and their clients, the exhibitors themselves, as well as other industry service providers. Other than providing training sessions, this event will also allow exhibitors a chance to explore exhibition opportunities available in the marketplace.

Delegates will enjoy ample opportunity to interact and network with some of the most successful organisers in southern Africa. Event sponsors include TicketPro Dome, Delmont Caldow Caters, ExpoGuys, Blue Label Telecoms, Exbo, Truly Wow International and Jawbone who are proud to be associated with this event.

In line with AAXO’s strong 2016 focus of growth, training and knowledge sharing, the event is designed to equip exhibitors and organisers with the resources and insights to run their exhibitions more effectively and cement their positioning as a valuable marketing and sales channel.

For exhibitors, this event is their passport to exhibitions with world renowned international speakers, while organisers enjoy access to the exhibitor universe. Suppliers, too, will benefit from attending this pioneering event as they gain access to key industry players.

The exhibitor training workshop will cover valuable tips on why exhibitions work, selecting the right exhibition for your business, how to measure return on investment, an important factor for any business seeking growth and survival.

The organiser training will give organisers an insight into what exhibitors look for when considering to participate in an exhibition it will also cover global best practice in term of operations and technology. The second day of training will see the return of the world’s top recommended sales trainer, Andy Preston. He will delve deep into prospecting and lead generation, objection handling and sales leads conversions, all designed to grow your revenue and business.

As the authority in the exhibition industry and a credible governing body passionate about regulating and uphold exhibition standards in the country to world class criteria, AAXO is also keen to keep its members up to date with the latest technologies trending in the market. To this end, AAXO will be sharing some of the latest trends and technologies.

Since its official launch earlier in the year, AAXO has worked hard to put together some much needed training events and knowledge sharing workshops to enable the industry to strive for new heights. Not only does the organisation advocate for the needs of organisers through developing opportunities such as these but actively pursues all avenues to connect members with complimentary bodies and service providers to allow for stronger partnerships necessary in delivering the best exhibitions.

On the backdrop of successes from past events hosted, including AAXO’s inaugural Exhibition Organiser Training Day that took place in Johannesburg earlier in the year, AAXO’s training events have been extremely well-received, developing a reputation as exciting events which are not to be missed by anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the African exhibition sector.

AAXO’s intimate knowledge of the industry gives it an edge in providing need-specific training for members.

“We would like to encourage all organisers to invite their exhibitors to this Exhibitor training event. Not only will this facilitate a more successful relationship where both parties stand to strengthen their partnership, but will also go a long way to add value to our industry.

AAXO remains committed to growing this industry and this event is just one of many geared towards building an industry that hosts world class events for the benefit of all involved.”

For more information on AAXO or the Exhibition of Exhibitions to take place in October 2016, visit www.aaxo.co.za or contact Annamari Erwee on 011 549 8300 or at admin@aaxo.co.za.

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