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Everyone is talking about … RFID

Trending now – Radio Frequency Identification – not new to the events industry – they have been used to track attendee movements at conferences for a long while, but its application is becoming more creative.

Securely sealed RFID tags are placed inside the bands to reliably store and transfer data.   Delegates ‘touch’ various station points to activate data or they can be linked into social media such as Facebook, Twitter or similar sites.

RFID enabled lanyards or wristbands to be used by delegates to share conference updates – increasing network opportunities – or they can be used to add a more ‘fun’ element to an event.

An example of who has used this technology – Cadbury House at the London 2102 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They provided visitor’s with a credit-card sized sharing card, enabling them to ‘tap in’ on RFID touchpoints and send a photo, message or status to their Facebook pages.

Source : citmagazine.com

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