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Events: The Latest Colour Trends for 2016

Events are going to get a lot bolder in 2016 – with metallics, patterns, and the latest decor colours.

There will be plenty of new looks and different colour combinations to get excited about this year.

Here are some of the colour trends we can expect to see this year.

Pantone’s 2016 “Calming Palette”:

Pantone recently released its Colours of the Year for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

This is the first year Pantone has selected two shades to represent the year, showing that contrasts will be popular, even when it comes to pastel palettes.

Rose Quartz, a dusky pink, and Serenity, a calming, pale blue, are ethereal pastels.

These two colours work perfectly together, but they can also be used in other striking palettes.

Whether paired with bold colors like red or other pastel colors like aqua and mint green, Pantone’s Colours of the Year are sure to pop up everywhere.

Pantone’s Colours of the Year will be a great source of inspiration for event decor in 2016, and we expect to see a resurgence of pastel shades incorporated into decor including tablescapes and floral.

Neutrals with an Edge:

Another major trend you can expect to see throughout 2016 is the arresting combination of a more neutral shade paired with a bold pattern or metallic fabric, depending on the event setting and desired mood.

Neutrals are becoming increasingly popular, especially when paired with a bright pop of colour.

Layering contrasting colours provides a unique, unexpected look.

Mixing neutral and bold colours creates a striking and unforgettable look that’s still subtle and sophisticated.

Monochromatic Statement: While a reinterpretation of neutrals will resurge in 2016, we’ll also expect a growing trend of monochromatic color palettes.

From muted grays to whites and creams, the use of monochromatic palettes creates elegant, refined looks that are perfect for just about any event.

Varying fabrics and textures in the same color family enhances the monochromatic palette.

These elements serve to add visual interest without detracting from the desired monochromatic look.

Patterns and bright contrasts:

Another option for creating a dramatic statement is by layering a striped fabric in neutral shades with a brighter colour.

For example, pair a black and white table linen with a jewel tone, vivid bright, or even a shimmering metallic to further enhance the contrast.

This same concept can also be applied to other patterns, such as chevrons or polka dots. The extreme contrast is highly appealing to the eye.

Colourful Patterns:

Colourful and playful patterns will also be on trend this year.

Patterned fabrics are an effortless way to achieve a colourful and bold look.

From geometric to floral-inspired, patterns are an excellent way to inject visual interest into tablescapes and event decor.

Patterned table linen is a great way to further imbue the theme within the chosen colour palette.

It’s also a great way to add complementary shades.

Patterns add more dimensions to events, and the possibilities are nearly limitless when you add different elements.

Continuing with the theme of contrasts, patterns are a great way to create a striking look with variation and bold lines.

Patterns can also be used to create borders in the event space.

Plus, dimensions can be added to event decor by incorporating multiple patterns.

Alternating tables or place runners with different patterns over tablecloths can also create a unique visual appeal.

Variations of the same colour:

One of the most popular trends right now is palettes comprising shades from the same colour family, such as starting with a pale lavender and moving toward deeper purple.

Because ombré is so eye-catching in many different settings, event designers can use nearly any colour and apply various saturations to achieve the desired effect.

Alternatively, using shades that range from one colour to another, such as pink to red, can also create a dramatic look.

This creates a lush eventscapes that guests are sure to remember.

Plenty of new colours to see in 2016:

Neutrals, bold patterns, contrasts, monochromatic colour schemes and pastels are some of the trends you can expect to see in 2016.

We can’t wait to see how event designers adopt these trends in new and intriguing ways.

Source : http://specialevents.com

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